Global Health Work – Mali

I recently travelled to Bamako, Mali to help with the access to healthcare problem in the neediest community. And I made some shocking discoveries.

The pictures in the message show you a glimpse of not only the lack of equipment but also the antiquated nature of the current community health system. In the 3 community clinics of the district 5 of Bamako (Baco-Djicoroni Tokorobougou and Daoudabougou), I made the same disturbing observations: The basic lab test, vital signs and diagnostics’ equipment were either inexistent or non-operational. And those clinics are meant to provide health care to more than 414,000 people.

So, I decided to do something about it. And I need your support to extend the impact we can make. Please join our investment initiatives for this community. Together we can save the lives of  the less privileged communities.

Medical equipment, supplies, and financial  donations are welcomed.

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