January 21, 2018

Seniors & Disabled Persons

Get Help Today

United Health Partners aims to provide responsive case management services to seniors and disabled individuals in need. If you are, or know of people in need please give us a call at 713-510-7122.

Services for Home Owners

For seniors and disabled individuals who can stay in their home, UHP provides the following services:

  • Home health services and resources navigation assistance
  • Education on preventative healthcare activties
  • Healthy environment promotion with yard cleaning, housekeeping services and more
  • Assistance with transportation to vital places

Services for Independent Residents

For seniors and disabled individuals who are in need of sustainable housing, UHP Provides an Upmarket Active Adults Residential home with well-trained staff that provide:

  • Supportive assistance with daily living activities and much more
  • Chronic disease management and nutrition education and support
  • Navigation and support to utilize community resources that improve living
  • Provide round the clock individual and community-inclusive activities support
  • Physical exercise support and education
  • Assistance with transportation to vital places

Eligibility Requirements

We are currently serving seniors and disabled persons who are residents of Northwest Houston. You do not need documentation to receive services. If you do not live in this area but are in need, please reach out and we will do our best to connect you with resources in your area.