January 20, 2018

Sustainable Health Program

Healthcare Services in Houston

United Health Partners is a member of the Texas Association of Charitable Clinics, and delivers affordable, accessible, community-based health services and education to underserved and uninsured communities. We strive to give access to quality, person-centered routine, acute care, chronic disease prevention, treatment, and management.

Through our board-certified physicians and nurses, we provide high quality, personalized patient oriented medical services. Services are offered on a sliding scale, which is based on household size and income; however, we accept all patients regardless of insurance, status, or income.

We are enrolled in the Texas Vaccines for Children Program, and partner closely with school nurses to identify and provide vaccinations to children in need.

We currently have two locations located in Northwest and Northeast Houston. Services include:

  • Family Practice Services
  • Women’s Health Services
  • Assistance with CHIP, Medicaid, WIC applications
  • Assistance with Insurance Navigation
  • Referrals to Specialized Care Facilities
  • Mobile Vaccination Clinics

Healthcare Services Abroad

United Health Partners offers global outreach assistance that focuses on community and public health services. Designed to reach all parts of the world, we target communities who have limited or no access to healthy living or education. Over the organization’s lifetime, we have worked on successful projects in Ivory Coast and Mali.

Our approach is to create a sustainable health network for the community by partnering with local community health centers, educating local health professionals, and improving health services and supply chain management. This initiative includes:

  • Health Services & Management Education
  • Disease Screenings (Cancer, Diabetes, Vascular)
  • Health Screening and Education
  • Infection Control
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Physical education