January 21, 2018

UHP Empowerment Programs

At UHP, we believe healthy living involves all aspects of a person’s life. To address this, we have developed several empowerment programs based on social determinants of health. Our programs are mainly aimed to serve families and individuals and improve social development and their overall well-being.

Social Services

We are a certified participant in Texas Community Partner Program which is a bridge between Texas Health and Human Services and Texas communities to provide Texans access to food, cash and additional health care assistance. We work closely with individuals to navigate potential benefits that can support their basic life needs.

Family Empowerment

In order to have a healthy and supportive family life, UHP offers families coaching, counseling assistance, and general support to single parent and multi-parent households. Starting with a 3-day retreat, we aim to replenish and give purpose back to families who are in need. We help families organize and plan field trips, family game nights, and family days out as a way to balance healthy living.

Children & Youth

As a part of healthy growth, our children and youth programming aims to conduct activities for empowerment including academic mentoring, life coaching, and community engagement.

After School Program

This program is offered for 1st - 8th graders in partnership with Senior High School Students. Seniors mentor youth, help them with homework, and tutor them in the areas of Science, Engineering, Math, Technology, and English. The program is offered Monday – Friday with each day dedicated to a specific focus area or activity. This program is currently offered only at Rancho Verde Apartments. 

You Are a Champion

This program is a direct mentorship program designed to include life coaching, career development, scholarship navigation, youth entrepreneurship, interpersonal development classes, and ESL classes for immigrants and refugee youth.

Weekend Events

UHP will frequently host weekend event in an effort to keep children and youth to further educate and engage youth in healthy living education. Classes include but are not limited to physical education, nutrition, cooking, language, and world studies.

Immigrants & Refugees in Houston

As important members to our society, UHP has developed specialized assistance for immigrants and refugees. In an effort to address health disparities, education, and cultural and social integration, we offer a wide range of support services including:

  • English as a Second Language Education (Basic, intermediate, Advanced)
  • Immigrant Health & Nutrition Education
  • Personal Hygiene Education
  • Academic & Career Orientation & Development
  • Student Mentoring & Coaching
  • Transportation Assistance & Education
  • Financial, Banking, & Credit Report Education

Women's Empowerment Abroad

In an effort to drive the health of women in developing countries while fighting financial abuses like human trafficking, UHP provides special support for women to achieve academic improvements, career development & entrepreneurship, and small business financing in a small number of countries and regions.

Other Efforts Abroad

In an effort to support healthy growth aboard, UHP currently supports two orphanages in West Africa to feed and clothe children. In the past, we have also provided scholarships for teenagers, with a special focus on young women who are often subject to circumstances such as early forced marriages, which cause them to drop out of school.